Alhke is your Italian local architect.

Alhke includes an extended team of building science specialists, working together to provide trusted solutions to architects, property managers, developers, facility managers, homeowners and attorneys.




Building Engineer and founder. Experienced consultant for both companies and private clients. Specialized in structural consolidation and renovation of ancient buildings. Energy performance analyst for existing buildings.

Education: University of Bologna, Brunel University

Based in Tuscany, Italy.


Senior Consultant

Architect, specialized in digitalization of project data towards BIM level. With a lot of experience in 3d visualization, architectural design and interior design. Also involved in the buildup of Revit families.

Education: University of Bologna, Politecnico di Milano, University of Lisboa

Based in Naples, Italy


Senior Consultant

Civil Engineer, involved in project management for real-estate development. Experienced structural engineer and professional in the field of civil and industrial building. 

Education: University of Florence, University of Bologna

Based in London, UK


Alhke operates as a widespread company throughout Italy. The group of the 3 board members directs the central structure made up of permanent collaborators. It also has privileged relationships with the best local professionals and with external collaborators located in all the Italian territory.



alhke about 10 consulting

Dealing with partners and firms from all over the countries. Working as a team, connecting people, facing the projects, reducing the costs and solving the problems.


In communication with you 24/7.

alhke about 9 consulting

We help you with any practice or requirement necessary for executing the works, as soon as possible.


Your one point reference for your work in Italy.

alhke about 8 consulting

We provide you the documents via web.  Giving you an all inclusive product, with turnkey projects.


Our Building Consultants are not just problem solvers. They are comprehensive solution providers.



We are a trusted partner, your building consulting.

alhke about 7 consulting

Helping our clients with a Made in Italy product.


Our mission is to satisfy our customers with a customized solution for their needs.

alhke about 6 consulting

Our pool of consultants help us manage the different challenge we have to face.


We turn to architectural firms, construction companies, real estate agencies and privates.

alhke about 5 consulting

We are the ideal technical base in Italy for companies and foreign firms, which want to carry out renovation and construction works in our country.


Our sectors: Residential, resort/luxury, COMMERCIAL/RETAIL.

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Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of building engineering, architecture, design, and consultancy.  Whether you need a civil engineer for commercial or residential site planning, a structural engineer for retrofit modifications, or anything in between, we are able to provide the expertise you need to complete your project in Italy.

Alhke can ensure that the results of your project yield a product that utilizes your space efficiently and meets within your budget. We deliver the best solutions to our clients by combining a local presence and insights with a global network of specialist expertise.