We offer a wide range of service.

Alhke has a sophisticated level of knowledge and experience of a broad range of Building Projects in Italy.

We provide streamlined solutions to real estate developers with architectural feasibility studies, helping our foreign clients assess the merit of a potential real estate investment.

From design and pre-construction to construction and project close out, we span the life of the project with personalized service at every step.

Our italian project experience equips us with the necessary skills to bring buildings and structures to life so they function efficiently, economically, safely and sustainably.



Access to documents filed with the institutions.alhke services 5

Researching in public and privates archives, obtaining documents about your building in Italy.

Inspections on the site

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Metric survey of buildings and photographic survey.

Site analysis


Recognition of case opportunities and threats.

Feasibility studies

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Making it easy to design your spaces, with feasible solutions.

Energy efficiency

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Green energy consulting, energetic audit, improved saving performance of your building.

Due diligence

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Technical and design investigation into the architectural documentation of existing buildings.

Documents for constructions company

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Providing any type of documents for your building company, and site safety documents.

Cost estimates

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Helping you with taking out quantities, quotes and price listing of your project.

Alhke is dedicated to every stage of a building’s life cycle. We include pre-construction design services, construction quality assurance and sustainable building practices.

Design phase

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Helping you to project your house, with architectural, structural and site safety consulting.

architectural & interior design

We are specialized in digitalization of project data towards BIM level. With a lot of experience in 3d visualization, architectural design and interior design we are also involved in the buildup of Revit families.

Permitting phase

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Getting the documents for executing the works, and obtaining all the authorizations.

Direction of the works on site

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Constant presence on the construction site and relationship with companies.


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Dealing with furniture suppliers and helping you with home finishes.


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Ask us for every type of problem or advice.

We are the preferred italian partner of some of the world’s leading architects and developers and some of our work is with long-term, repeat clients.

Our clients also include contractors, building owners and private corporations.

We support our clients from preliminary design to the end of the project.

We are a third party consulting firm offering an objective point of view for more reliable results.