How to find a construction company in Italy: Golden Rules & Complete Guide to choose one.


If you want to find a construction company in Italy, you are in the right place. We will give you the advices to look for one, and the golden rules to make a good choice. We will give you all the knowledge and informations you need to find a construction company in Italy. It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs you have to do, or how big they are, read this guide and everything will be clearer. Are you ready? Let’s start!

The problems of a foreigner looking for a construction company in Italy.
-Lack of criteria for company choice

When you entrust a job to a company, often you don’t have much information about the work done by the same. Even his knowledge through word of mouth doesn’t always give the opportunity to those who have to renovate to go to see the different works carried out by the same company, before assigning the task. Many owners do not know how to choose companies and assign jobs to those that offer lower estimates. This makes the dissatisfaction rate very high because the lower price doesn’t always correspond to quality.

-Little knowledge of the Italian construction industry

Foreign clients (and many Italians) often don’t know what documents they have to ask the company before work begins. In any case, the owners must be vigilant. Check whether the company and the professionals hired, possess all the necessary features to deal with the work. Including insurance.

Lack of communication and coordination

Companies with little experience and inexperienced entrepreneurs don’t offer a high level of communication with their clients. For their part, many foreign customers have difficulty speaking Italian and communicating with the company. There is no open channel to inform customers about the progress of the work. It’s often difficult to get daily updates, to know when the workers will be present at the construction site or how the project is progressing. When the disputes are analyzed, it turns out that the cause is the lack of communication.

Abandoning jobs from companies

Sometimes the work is too complex and difficult for the company with little experience behind it. The carrying out of the articulated work involves a high risk of making mistakes. This will surely lead the company to face a cost higher than its economic capacity. So, consequently the company will abandon the job. These reasons show how it is not advisable to use a company without experience and with few equipment.

A bit of technical info.

A construction company in Italy is called “Impresa Edile” or “Impresa di costruzioni”. If more than one construction company is involved in your works, the contracting company or the “General Contractor” will be called “Impresa Appaltante”. Subcontracting companies will be called “Imprese Subappaltatrici”.
The construction company in Italy are often limited liability companies (Srl= società a responsabilità limitata). Then you will read the name of the company followed by the acronym S.R.L. (For example “Costruzioni Gardini 2000 srl.) In some cases, the largest are S.P.A. (joint-stock company).

Consider the extent of your work! If you are a private individual and you are renovating your home you will be able to look for a small construction company. But if you are a company or you want to open a business, you will have to look for a general contractor. It manages all the work and relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

Rule number one: rely on an Italian professional.

If you are a foreigner and you want to find an Italian construction company, the first thing to do is to look for a professional (architect or engineer). You have to do this research even before looking for the company. Why? Because you need an italian professional (or a team) to assist you in finding the company and evaluating the estimate. If you can’t speak italian, if you don’t have experience with Italian construction companies, if you don’t know what to look for and how to choose, things could be difficult. And you should need an architect to help you. He will do your interests as a professional outside the company, evaluating the costs, the offer, the quality of the product.

Usually, when you are about to request a quote, you send to the candidate company a very often simplistic and schematic specifications (perhaps received from another company and deprived of prices to make it more objective to fill in). To be considered exhaustive and reliable a quote must be drawn up on the basis of detailed and well-structured works (metric calculation). This calculation will be drawn up by your trusted italian architect. That’s what you need an Italian architectural team or a professional. Even before looking for a construction company.

How to move.

One of the ways to find your construction company in Italy is the web.
Nowadays even a mobile phone is enough to receive answers on practically everything. This discourse is also valid for the research of the company to which to entrust the work. So use the internet to do a first research of the construction company.

In the Italian market there are a multitude of construction companies that vary in size, specialization and of course costs. We remind you that although there are national tariffs called price lists of materials, the cost varies unfortunately from region to region. With considerable differences between province and province. It would therefore be appropriate to choose a construction company that is close to the place of your restructuring. Just in order to contain the costs of possible transfers of workers.

Stay away from the italian companies who do a bit of everything. It’s not credible that they can do everything, while still guaranteeing good service. The best purchases you make them from specialists. This is to make you understand that if you have to do plasterboard work you should focus on a company specializing in plasterboard. If instead you have to renovate an apartment, choose someone who does that kind of renovation.

The specialization

Therefore, not all construction companies in Italy are automatically enabled to perform all types of building works. For example, if you have to renovate a building of monumental and architectural value, you will have to rely on a certified company that is qualified to perform this type of renovation and restoration.

The specialization that some companies have gained over the years, is a key parameter in the final choice. There are companies that are specialized in the creation of thermal coats. Others in the renovation of the roofs. Others in the enhancement of the architectural heritage (restorers of housing or historical houses). Others in energy saving.

Often, during the course of a restructuring, the types of unskilled workers are often numerous. They will need common workers, skilled workers and specialized workers (with a difference in hourly price for each). And not all of them can be found in the same construction company.

Anyway, you can find a list of construction companies on, by typing “Impresa Edile” followed by the place where you want to do your work. It’s a good starting point to find business contacts and get in touch with them.

The obligation to estimate for Italian construction companies

Once you have chosen your hypothetical construction company, you will then have to ask for an estimate. In fact the companies have the obligation to redeem it.
The estimate is generally nothing more than list of the work to be done in your renovation project. The more detailed it is and the less you will have at the end of the work.

For the type of work in economics we mean all those urgent or small jobs that require an hour / work estimate. We calculate the necessary materials and labor and we make an approximate calculation.
Customized accounting describes each processing multiplied at the established unit cost.
Mine accounting is used when it is difficult to contemplate work with a unit price.

What it contains

It will contain the different types of processing and intervention. Work in economics, accounting to measure, accounting to body. The specifications of the materials are accompanied by a metric estimate. In it must be present all the costs of the materials, the timing of construction and any extras that could be found during the renovation projects. It should refer also to problems not possible to be determined during the primary analysis, but only after intervening directly in the restructuring.

At the end of all this you will have to make a contract with the contractor of the works. It must contain all the terms of realization of the renovation of your house or apartment.

This in addition to providing a precise picture of the obligations that the construction company takes against you. It will protect you in the event of implementation not the state of the art works. It becomes a sort of warranty contract that you can also legally challenge.
Failure to comply with the deadlines, the choice of materials other than those of the specifications you have chosen and confirmed, the poor execution of the works, may be challenged in the proper legal headquarters.

Look further

Choose companies that work with high quality standards. To calculate that often an initial savings in restructuring costs could negatively in the future lead to problems that would cost you even more over time. Not to mention that maybe to repair damage you will also have to go against organizational problems and so on.

Only by comparing different quotes drawn up on the basis of a single job list it’s possible to identify the most economically advantageous one. Definitely better if prepared by a technician able to make a global assessment of the intervention and immediately recognize any critical issues.

Remember that the final cost depends on the initial state of the property. On the extent of the intervention that will be done and the quality of the materials chosen. Therefore, it is practically impossible to establish a price list regarding the costs of Italian construction companies.

Check the documentation of the construction companies.

So it’s essential to identify a company authorized to carry out the type of construction work requested. It may seem trivial, but although some companies or individual craftsmen do all kinds of construction work and are prepared to perform any type of construction activity, it’s essential to verify that the “Oggetto sociale = business object” in the “Visura Camera di Commercio = Chamber of Commerce” indicates the type of activity you request (eg construction work, plumbing, etc.).

A good indicator of professionalism, regardless of the complexity of the building intervention, is the presence of an insurance policy “polizza assicurativa”. Choosing a company with a good insurance policy will protect you in the event of unforeseen events or damage due to inexperience of the construction company. The use of the insurance policy may prove necessary even after not particularly complex interventions. Such as the breakage of a freshly replaced water pipe, with consequent flooding of the apartment and swelling of your newly laid parquet. It’s therefore advisable to select a more reliable italian company (without necessarily spending more), to avoid after paying out large amounts of capital or venturing into long and tedious litigation. So ask for their insurance policy even before asking for an estimate.


After analyzing the estimate and choosing the construction company that’s right for you, you have to deal with the bureaucracy. Pay attention to the documents that this must have and that must be present at the workplace. If you are not an expert in these things, and you are a simple foreign customer, your Italian architect will be able to help you and assist you with the request for this documentation.

Some examples, a construction site with fewer than 200 workers and which foresees a duration of work less than 200 days must present:

-Certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts. (“Certificato di iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio”);
-Self-certification on the employment contract applied to workers;
-The DURC, the Single Document of Contributing Regularity, which certifies the regularity of the contributions paid by the company;

Instead, construction companies that work on construction sites with more than 200 men or for more than 200 days, must have at work:

-the POS, Operational Safety Plan. In this document all information on the safety of the site must be presented;
-the Risk Assessment Document (“DVR”), an assessment of the possible dangers and the prevention measures that will be adopted;
-the DURC, of ​​which we spoke earlier;
-the contracts that the construction company has drawn up for its workers;
-a declaration stating that the company is not subject to disqualification.

Moreover, if you need further informations about building permits and local authorities in Italy, check this out:

Look out for quality, not for cost.

Quality and low cost do not get along very well. You can’t have everything you want (perfect apartment, respect of the times, finished finishes, assistance during and after the work, bureaucratic assistance …) if you are not willing to pay the right.

The expert and careful workforce, the quality materials, the serious and prepared professionals, the equipment, the organization, the regularity of the company … everything has a cost.

The contract.

If you have chosen your construction company, you will have to skip to the contractual part. In the high-volume jobs, you will certainly have to enter into a contract with the company. In smaller jobs, such as house renovations, it may happen that no contractual agreement is stipulated. By the way, we always recommend stipulating a contract, even in the case of small amounts of money. The contract will be a guarantee for you and the company, and will avoid problems in the future. The more detailed it is, the less problems will arise in the future.

The drafting of a document-contract in which the rights and charges of both the client and the contractor are clearly and transparently reported, plays an important deterrent with regard to the emergence of possible conflicts in the interpretation and execution of the clauses contained therein.

The language and the standards

The contract can be written both in Italian and in your mother tongue, but remember that the contract written in Italian is the authentic one. Therefore, be assisted by an Italian professional (as an architect) for the stipulation of the contract, and for the conditions written in it. He is the only one who can help you during this phase.

The contract is usually called “Contratto di Appalto” and is stipulated between the client, “Committente dell’opera”, and the construction company, “Impresa affidataria”, and the eventual subcontracting company, “Impresa esecutrice subappaltante”.

There is no standard contract. The content of the contract can be modified and integrated, if new, different and shared needs arise with respect to the moment of the initial agreements.

Here you can download a sample contract in word format:

Remember your responsibilities.

You too, as the commissioner of the work and person who owns the building for which the work is carried out, will have responsibilities. You will first have to appoint a coordinator, who will be responsible for designing the site safety plan. The client must also make sure that the company is professionally suitable. This last responsibility obviously requires some experience. If you do not have it, the task can be transferred to a project manager. Finally, the client undertakes to transmit to the municipality the DURC and the declaration of the technical-professional suitability of the company.

Remember the responsibilities of construction companies.

For construction companies, making sure it is an obligation and remember to check the conditions of job security through the POS. The construction company must also monitor the work of the workers within the construction site. And their technical and professional suitability during the works. It also has the task of preparing and fencing the construction site, dealing with the decommissioning of debris and transmitting all documentation concerning the works to the client.

Here’s the kicker

Finding a good construction company is not easy if you don’t have the basis to evaluate it. Therefore the concepts contained in this post will serve you to get an idea of ​​how to move to find your italian construction company. But remember: you’ll still need a professional to help you.

A good Italian architect will be able to help you to find the best construction company for your works in Italy. He can relieve you of all these bureaucratic burdens, and help you in the contractual part.

Last but not least, your professional can save you money, and guide you to the right choices for your work.

Do you want an advice to find and choose your construction company in Italy? Do you need an architectural team? Ask us anything.

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We will be happy to follow you step by step.

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