6 powerful tips to find an architect in Italy


Are you looking for a technical consultation or an architect for your home in Italy? Do you need a building document for your Italian villa? Are you looking for a technical professional who takes care of your property in Italy? You have found the right place

First of all: Avoid relying on the architect of your country of origin: the laws in Italy are completely different and without a subject in Italy who speaks fluently the language, you will not be able to do anything. Italy is a very complicated country in terms of building laws and authorizations.  

Please, trust an Italian expert. You need to find an architect or building engineer. That is a person who can advise you and follow you during any kind of work or need that your home requires.

So, we know what you’re thinking: How to find an architect in Italy? Don’t worry about that! Here we will give you some advice to make your choice.

Are you ready? Yes? Let’s go! 


First thing: Those who do not have a website are not up to date and can not easily be contacted. Those person are not familiar with the Internet and most probably not even with computers and technology!

Then, think for a moment. Would you trust a professional in old age, not reactive enough to withstand the digital change of building documents? Think about it: building practices and permits in Italy are becoming all computerized.

Therefore, If you don’t have the support of someone who has a home in this area, you will surely have delays or problems with your projects.  

Believe us: It’s possible nowadays to undertake such a restoration or a construction project without necessarily being on site. The work can be followed through the use of digital photos, emails, messages, and even videos. And so? 

So, you do not want to have a professional who only replies to your cell phone, or is unable to send you a document via e-mail. Since you are in another country and you can ‘t go to his office in Italy every day, you will need to find a technician who responds promptly to your requests, and who is fast, young and dynamic.  


That’s right. Many professionals in Italy are not graduates. Always try to rely on engineers or architects holding a degree (surveyors=”geometra” or “perito edile” are not graduates) and an education to be suitable for any work on your home.  

For example, a “geometra” or “perito edile” can not do structural work or intervene on environmental or historical buildings. A surveyor is not a combination of engineer and architect but a subject who has studied less than the others.

Would you entrust the work on your house to a guy like that? The answer is NOMany websites recommend referring just to a surveyor or”geometra” for your work: that’s not so good!

Believe us: the “geometra” is only useful to follow the part related to the land registry. But for a renovation or a new construction you will need a more complete and competent figure. 

Always look out for a graduate professional (building engineer=ingegnere edile/civile or architect=architetto), he will certainly be more prepared! And in the long run he will handle any kind of problem (structural, architectural and historical-artistic).

You got it? To check if a person is an engineer or an architect you can look up his name in public lists on the internet: this for architects: http://www.cnappc.it/ and this for  engineers: https://www.tuttoingegnere.it/albo-unico



Be warned: You must be clear from the start the hypothetical costs (both the costs of the professional and the costs of work). Remember: If the professional you’ve chosen is vague on this subject, you will not be able to predict future expenses, and you will have problems closing the accounts and even your projects! Then he’s not the right person! 

Ok, the exact costs are impossible to determine at an early stage, given the many variables of a work, but it is necessary for the professional to inform you about the likely costs of a given job! Therefore, this is why it’s important for an architect or engineer to make an initial estimate of costs.  He has to give you an idea of the expense and of all the variables and timing involved.  

Trust us: be informed about everything always in the initial phase, in this way you will not have any final big surprises. Trust then those professional who know how to get an first quote of the work!


Rule number one: Do not blindly trust your friend’s friend!You’ll end up spending too much and being too compliant about his choices.  Do not trust the first one that happens to you. If a real estate agent presents you with an architect, think twice: often they want to earn both.  

Nobody can force you to choose a specific technician (even during the purchase and sale of the house). Always be the one to choose. You must be the one to prefer one professional to another. And much more important: do not be bound by anyone! 

Likewise, you are wary of anyone who wants to make you choose a specific construction company. Beware of those who voluntarily offer themselves, probably they are more interested in money than in your property!

Beware! Many times the foreigner is seen as a naive to ask for a lot of money! The scams and the profiteers are around the corner: choose who does this job by passion! Do not blindly trust anyone. The choice is only yours


If they do, they’re trying to rip you off. Do not trust the scoundrels! 

So, basic rule: Avoid saving on the professional: an initial saving can negatively affect the competence and can also result in trouble even later!   


Last but not least: Rely on a person who knows how to talk to you, how to listen to you, how to teach you, who can give you useful information and advice for your works.  

Simple: Do not trust those who want to do their own thing, those who do not want to listen to you or those who want to impose their rules. You are the customer

Your architect need to be thorough and prompt, english speaking, with good communication skills, leading a consulting team working for you and answering all your requests and emails promplty.

So, an architect or an engineer is someone who knows how to answer any of your questions: if he can do it, he is the right person! Ask him everything! And put him to the test!  

Very important: Do not be afraid to renovate or building your house in this beautiful nation! You have nothing to lose. Relax and make your choice!

And guess what: renovating or building your home in Italy will be the best experience of your life! Trust us!



Yes, we’ve finished for now, but…this was just the beginning!


Do you want an advice for your works? What do you want to know? Do you want an advice for your renovation?

Ask us anything.

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We will be happy to follow you step by step.






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